Halloween Freebie!


I hope everyone has a happy, fun, and moderately safe Halloween!

Drop by How Vexing for our freebie!


Perforate Yourself! (New Release)

Perforate Yourself!

Yarrrrr! We ‘ave some metal bits t’ clamp to faces an’ such! And it be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This release be a do-it-yerself piercin’ kit that includes 40 piercin’ shapes each with their own set o’ 4 unique textures–totallin’ at 160 objects!

Come check it out in-world and I promise to stop talking like a pirate!

New Release! Glass Monk’s Staff

New! Glass Monk's Staff!

Today How Vexing are releasing the Glass Monk’s Staff! This ethereal staff comes with two arm and hand poses built-in that work with most AOs while standing and walking around (sometimes a short delay after starting to walk depending on the AO).  The animations can be disabled as well for those who have their own staff poses.

Find it in-world or on the marketplace!

All Smiles for the Summer


It has been a little while since we last made a release!

Summers were always interesting growing up. During the summer is when most changes as a child would take place. By the time school came around again in the Fall, it was always neat to see who had gotten taller, whose hair had gotten cut or perhaps grown longer — and best of all…

who had gotten BRACES!

New - Braceface, you're the best!

As always, our sculpts are custom made by How Vexing!
This feature-filled release comes with a really easy-to-use HUD attachment that allows you to tint the rubber bands!

We hope you have a fun, healthy, safe and AWESOME Summer!

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Sei and Jameela

The Black Butler Hunt – How Vexing

Arriving June 1st for the Black Butler Hunt!

Via Flickr:
As the title says!

This is our hunt prize for the Black Butler Hunt! We decided to make Maylene’s (Mei-rin) outfit!

Maylene: i942.photobucket.com/albums/ad268/hylian_cosplay/Kuroshit…

Hunt begins on the 1st of June. 😀
Keep an eye out for the Bitter Rabbit!

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