[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry, Rock on!

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry Akane


Today’s shoot features the girl band Lemon Cherry! This photoshoot was the largest, due to the amount of fun there was to be had! Quite the lengthy post! You’ve been warned. šŸ˜›

[Buddhas] Japanese Girl Band Lemon Cherry
[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry Session 1.5

Our stunning models Minako (in yellow) and Akane (in red) agreed to have their photos taken while they shared a little about themselves.

First up was Minako, Lemon Cherry’s lead singer and outgoing poet. It was difficult not to feel her enthusiasm, even if it was hundreds of miles away.

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Minako

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Minako part two
Both Minako and Akane are wearing the Buddha Bangled Ears from How Vexing. The bangles are colour-changeable and come in 11 colours. All ears come with 6 tintable skin tones.

Akane, Lemon Cherry’s guitarist and soft-spoken girl-wonder! Follow the pictures for more information on Lemon Cherry’s guitarist.

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Akane

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Akane
Visit How Vexing @#$%*!!

Bright paths

Jameela & Sei Minuet of How Vexing


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