New Release: Encircled Necklace


We are pleased to release the Encircled necklace. This necklace is sculpted with unique metal textures per shape. There are five colour variations available individually as well as bundled together. We hope you enjoy them!

-The How Vexing Gang

How Vexing! [Encircled Necklace - Fatpack]


Perforate Yourself! (New Release)

Perforate Yourself!

Yarrrrr! We ‘ave some metal bits t’ clamp to faces an’ such! And it be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This release be a do-it-yerself piercin’ kit that includes 40 piercin’ shapes each with their own set o’ 4 unique textures–totallin’ at 160 objects!

Come check it out in-world and I promise to stop talking like a pirate!

New Release! Glass Monk’s Staff

New! Glass Monk's Staff!

Today How Vexing are releasing the Glass Monk’s Staff! This ethereal staff comes with two arm and hand poses built-in that work with most AOs while standing and walking around (sometimes a short delay after starting to walk depending on the AO).  The animations can be disabled as well for those who have their own staff poses.

Find it in-world or on the marketplace!

All Smiles for the Summer


It has been a little while since we last made a release!

Summers were always interesting growing up. During the summer is when most changes as a child would take place. By the time school came around again in the Fall, it was always neat to see who had gotten taller, whose hair had gotten cut or perhaps grown longer — and best of all…

who had gotten BRACES!

New - Braceface, you're the best!

As always, our sculpts are custom made by How Vexing!
This feature-filled release comes with a really easy-to-use HUD attachment that allows you to tint the rubber bands!

We hope you have a fun, healthy, safe and AWESOME Summer!

Our Shop Location: Meow


Sei and Jameela

Animated Neko tails, third and final set!


Today we list the two final tails in our featured item the Animated Neko tail.

How Vexing! [Neko Tail - White with Black Tip]

How Vexing! [Neko Tail - Black]

These tails are custom sculpts by our own artists and animated with realistic ‘swishing’! (Please note, there are NO flexi parts whatsoever)
Be sure to stop by our mainstore in for a wearable demo!
A short video example of our tails in action.

Stay tuned for new releases all throughout summer. We have something special planned for everyone!

Summer Sarongs

Namaste and aloha!

Summer is almost here, and The How Vexing crew is pleased to announce the release of sculpted sarongs! The sarongs come in 9 different colours (10 if you find the Summer Preview Hunt item hidden within the shop!). The sarongs are crocheted with wooden beads and leather tassles. The sarongs are modify and copy, and should fit both male and female shapes.

Check them out inworld!

Sarongs in the Summer~ (set 1)
Sarongs in the Summer~ (set 2)
Sarongs in the Summer~ (set 3)

More Neko Tails!


Our neko tails are entirely custom sculpted, scripted, and textured. Unlike flexi tails, these sculpts are animated, providing realistic swaying movements as seen in the below video.

After a suggestion from someone we are now up from 13 versions of tails up to 14! Today we’re showcasing another four of them, so on to the pics!

First up is the Snow Tiger! Thank you so much to Kioko Kumaki for the suggestion and for being patient and allowing us to take a pic of her wearing it!

Next up is the tortoiseshell brown!

Up next is a classic tiger style!

Finally the mottled orange!

And here’s the demo video!

Come check us out in-world! There is a demo tail available!

New Release: Animated Sculpted Neko Tails!


Our neko tails are entirely custom sculpted, scripted, and textured. Unlike flexi tails, these sculpts are animated, providing realistic swaying movements as seen in the below video.

There are 13 colours available—here is a sample of a few of them!

More posts coming with other colour examples within the next few days! Demos of all colours are in our shop inworld, as well as a wearable demo so you can see the animation for yourself!

Visit How Vexing D: @#$%&*!!