[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry, Rock on!

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry Akane


Today’s shoot features the girl band Lemon Cherry! This photoshoot was the largest, due to the amount of fun there was to be had! Quite the lengthy post! You’ve been warned. 😛

[Buddhas] Japanese Girl Band Lemon Cherry
[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry Session 1.5

Our stunning models Minako (in yellow) and Akane (in red) agreed to have their photos taken while they shared a little about themselves.

First up was Minako, Lemon Cherry’s lead singer and outgoing poet. It was difficult not to feel her enthusiasm, even if it was hundreds of miles away.

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Minako

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Minako part two
Both Minako and Akane are wearing the Buddha Bangled Ears from How Vexing. The bangles are colour-changeable and come in 11 colours. All ears come with 6 tintable skin tones.

Akane, Lemon Cherry’s guitarist and soft-spoken girl-wonder! Follow the pictures for more information on Lemon Cherry’s guitarist.

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Akane

[Buddhas] Lemon Cherry's Akane
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Bright paths

Jameela & Sei Minuet of How Vexing

[Buddhas] – The Sitar Player

[Buddhas] The Sitar Player

Day one of the photoshoot, and the first model up is myself!

The idea for creating these ears came about a year ago when I was in the process of creating a completely custom avatar for myself. In the end, both Sei and myself decided that we would release them! In the end, we decided to call them Buddhas.

In this shoot, the following photos feature the Buddha Human Small hole version of the ears worn by myself.

[Buddhas] The Sitar Player - Side View

This particular photoshoot was taken within Second Life’s Misty Mountains; a serene, warm and inviting location.

[Buddhas] The Sitar Player - Head shot

Photos courtesy of How Vexing’s Co-owner, Sei Minuet.

More photos coming soon! Stay tuned.


Jameela & Sei Minuet of How Vexing

Introducing: How Vexing!

How Vexing is the product of not only a rebranding of the former Daeva’s Soliloquy team, along with the addition of two new members; but a collaboration between several dreamers and artisans who shared the same goal; to build and also to learn more about their heritage.

Above is the progress we made on the first day of constructing the shop! Not too shabby!

Above is the picture of the progress we made on the second day of building our shop. 🙂 In this post, we actually moved the shop to its final location; Meow.

In the end, I think it is safe to say that both Sei and myself were quite pleased with the outcome!

Loh’une’s Vow

This morning, I awoke with a start.  My left cheek, jaw and lower lip coated in the spilled ink of my overturned inkwell – and the feeling that perhaps I had forced to awaken.  The dream I had just awoken from, remained fresh in my mind.  Struggling to get my quill properly situated upon the parchment which lay before me, I began to write.

There, between the branches of the yokimo tree, there stood a young woman and a boy.   – No ordinary looking woman I might add, for her eyes held the colour of the waters found within the Hilenic Isles.  The closer the waters are to the shoreline, the lighter – and thus, the further away from the shore you swim, the deeper and darker the waters become. Two faces, sharing one body.

The young adolescent who drew near to her side – the male – seemed disinterested in the woman’s own gaze; looking rather bitter at this point as the woman leaned her head to the right with a smile and shook it quite fervently.  Above them, the branches  shook and rustled in time with her head’s movements – emptiying out a small cluster of leaves onto the pair’s own heads.  This movement jolted the young male to attention.

The slight change in the way her head was now angled allowed for the strange discovery. There, between the branches of the yokimo tree, I noted six bone-like protrusions which jutted out from the top of the woman’s head; protrusions which twisted and stretched like the winding roots of the old yokimo tree they stood beneath.  – Cornu, as my kindred refer to such portrusions, which are typically only seen upon beasts of the field.

As pale as Caelestis’s eyes, which watch over the realm of the living by nightfall when darkness has stretched out comfortably across our peaceful lands — her cornu were a sight to behold.

Their lips did not move, yet the pair lowered their heads, their eyes exchanging more than my own words can thusly convey.  Whatever these words were, it was clear that only one of these individuals were indeed affected by them.  As time moved on, the young man seemed to become more incensed, eventually emitting a soft huff from his nostrils before tearing his gaze from the woman’s; her expression, not having changed since the moment I laid eyes upon her.

She only smiled.

“I am Caelestis; the loh’une in your skies, the Mother to those who have lost their way amongst the shadows brought on by those touched by my loh’une.”

The young man’s own mouth opened and a low, monotonous hum was released from his lips as his head bent low to reveal similar looking cornu which were mounted upon the top of his head.  These cornu bore the same design, however their colour was much different.

It is my sincere belief that Caelestis rises each night to provide loh’une to all who wander our vast lands when it is dark, however, the sky in which Caelestis smiles down from, is the territory belonging to Carbonis; our Lord of the Dark.  The colouring of this young man’s cornu held the mysteriousness of Carbonis’s neverending skies; though black and hollow, our Lord Carbonis’ eyes see all.

“I am the Lord of the Nightfall and while the skies are within my control, there is nothing within my influence that I do not see. Every sin, pleasure and yaatra one makes whilst the skies remain black – I sit here, ever-present and aware.  Born of the dark, you revel in my skies for but a moment before your spirit is given over to Niisome’s realm; the realm where the unconscious mind roams freely.”

Or…so my recitations stated. Much like the former words regarding Caelestis, these old Proverbs from the Srae’juhn are hymns to the Parents who in their boredom, gave life to the Tera we live upon.

It was then that I swear upon Uburth’s brow that the woman turned, viewing me from the corner of her eye and nodded in agreement to my spoken hymn.
Those same eyes pierced through my own, blinding me for a moment before I found myself on my knees before the woman; Caelestis – her hand outstretched to me.

“I am three, you are one.  I am the Mother who remained alongside Carbonis’s cradle when Nightfall had no place within these skies.  I am the Sister to Carbonis, when the cradle’s size would no longer suffice, after having matured enough to become the First Lord of the Nightfall; but above all else, I am loh’une.” she said, before I was forcefully made to return to my study, facedown in a sea of parchment.

“…but above all else, I am the light.”

Those words remain near to my bedside, held down in my own writing upon a parchment whereupon which a new hymn was birthed.


The Cornu (horns) seen above can be purchased on our Second Life Marketplace Shop.

Beibaan: The Dreamer

Dream Eater

My name is Beibaan, a name which means wanderer of dreams — a Dreamer as some would say, but such a generalization barely scratches the surface. Those who are born with the ability to become a Dreamer are rare, and those who realize this gift and pursue it — and live — rarer still. Touching, entering, interacting, and even influencing another’s dream is possible for one with my abilities. A dream is transient, fading quickly from existence and memory once the dreamer has awakened, yet my yaatra have led me to greater dreams. To call such a realm a dream is misleading, but there is no single word to properly define these realms. They are dreams without dreamers, everlasting and permanent.

I write these chronicles in haste — the better to remember what occurs, and how to return to the realms of the Daeva.