[Buddhas] – The Sitar Player

[Buddhas] The Sitar Player

Day one of the photoshoot, and the first model up is myself!

The idea for creating these ears came about a year ago when I was in the process of creating a completely custom avatar for myself. In the end, both Sei and myself decided that we would release them! In the end, we decided to call them Buddhas.

In this shoot, the following photos feature the Buddha Human Small hole version of the ears worn by myself.

[Buddhas] The Sitar Player - Side View

This particular photoshoot was taken within Second Life’s Misty Mountains; a serene, warm and inviting location.

[Buddhas] The Sitar Player - Head shot

Photos courtesy of How Vexing’s Co-owner, Sei Minuet.

More photos coming soon! Stay tuned.


Jameela & Sei Minuet of How Vexing

Introducing: How Vexing!

How Vexing is the product of not only a rebranding of the former Daeva’s Soliloquy team, along with the addition of two new members; but a collaboration between several dreamers and artisans who shared the same goal; to build and also to learn more about their heritage.

Above is the progress we made on the first day of constructing the shop! Not too shabby!

Above is the picture of the progress we made on the second day of building our shop. 🙂 In this post, we actually moved the shop to its final location; Meow.

In the end, I think it is safe to say that both Sei and myself were quite pleased with the outcome!