Summer Preview Hunt

Namaste or Aloha!

How Vexing will be taking part in their very first hunt, called the Summer Preview Hunt. (You can find the list of participating shops as well as hints for each shop!)

The item that you will be looking for is a small surfboard, which can clearly be seen on the hunt board at our landing point.
Summer Preview Hunt Prize from How Vexing!

Modeled above, we have our prize! As always, we sculpt all our own items, and this sarong was made to fit both male and female avs! Yey for unisex itemssss~ \o/ It’s a little hard to see in this picture, however there are wooden beads and leather tassels on the edge of the sarong.
Keep an eye out for more colours coming soon!

>>>>>May 2nd is when the hunt takes place!<<<<<

Hope to see you then!
Our Shop Location: Meow
– Myuuji