New Release: Encircled Necklace


We are pleased to release the Encircled necklace. This necklace is sculpted with unique metal textures per shape. There are five colour variations available individually as well as bundled together. We hope you enjoy them!

-The How Vexing Gang

How Vexing! [Encircled Necklace - Fatpack]


Perforate Yourself! (New Release)

Perforate Yourself!

Yarrrrr! We ‘ave some metal bits t’ clamp to faces an’ such! And it be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This release be a do-it-yerself piercin’ kit that includes 40 piercin’ shapes each with their own set o’ 4 unique textures–totallin’ at 160 objects!

Come check it out in-world and I promise to stop talking like a pirate!