Animated Neko tails, third and final set!


Today we list the two final tails in our featured item the Animated Neko tail.

How Vexing! [Neko Tail - White with Black Tip]

How Vexing! [Neko Tail - Black]

These tails are custom sculpts by our own artists and animated with realistic ‘swishing’! (Please note, there are NO flexi parts whatsoever)
Be sure to stop by our mainstore in for a wearable demo!
A short video example of our tails in action.

Stay tuned for new releases all throughout summer. We have something special planned for everyone!


New Release: Animated Sculpted Neko Tails!


Our neko tails are entirely custom sculpted, scripted, and textured. Unlike flexi tails, these sculpts are animated, providing realistic swaying movements as seen in the below video.

There are 13 colours availableā€”here is a sample of a few of them!

More posts coming with other colour examples within the next few days! Demos of all colours are in our shop inworld, as well as a wearable demo so you can see the animation for yourself!

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